Are we selling a VPS or a RDP?
  • It's very simple, we used to sell shared RDP servers with crazy hardware for a crazy low price in the past. That's the idea behind the name CrazyRDP.

    We've quit selling those and decided to only sell VPSes and Dedicated Servers. These are not shared with anyone and you will be the only owner of the server.

What is allowed and what not?
  • We allow all activities, except for DDoS attacks, phishing, child porn and terrorism.

    We take no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, the traffic nor the activities (legal or illegal).

    Keep it clean.

Is this really anonymous?
  • Checking out with us is completely anonymous.

    We don't ask for your personal information and use John Doe instead.

    Any server log will be destroyed after cancellation or termination.

Which payment methods do we accept?
  • PayPal, Bitcoin & Ethereum.

Can I get a refund?
  • All payments are final. We do not refund.

    Customer agrees to contact our billing department and attempt to resolve any billing issues before filing a dispute or chargeback.

When do I receive my server credentials?
  • You will automatically receive your VPS credentials within 5 minutes after confirmed payment, be patient and keep an eye on your e-mail.

I have another question
  • You can contact us via Live Chat, clients can also contact us via Support Ticket.

    We try our best to respond within 15 minutes during opening hours.